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Harvest Moon Sustainable Ventures dream began as Harvest Moon Farms, an organic produce farm founded in 2007 in Viroqua WI. The company became well known in both retail and food service in the Midwest. Mission accomplished. The market could not get enough of the quality leafy greens and heirloom tomatoes that were being grown at HMF with fresh branding and innovative marketing that both retail and food service were craving. 


Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate and the farm was just not able to keep up with the growing market demand for fresh, local, fieldgrown produce. In the first five years alone, there were two 100-year flood events, droughts and unseasonal hail that destroyed annual crops as well as the spirits of the dedicated young farmers …… There had to be a better way. 


Starting in summer of 2018, Harvest Moon Sustainable Ventures (HMSV) began the evaluation phase of a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farm by re-commissioning one of the industry’s top ten vertical farms in New Buffalo, Mi. 

Partnering with Milan Kluko, a pioneer in CEA, and his team, HMSV spent 6 months researching, testing, growing and harvesting produce that informed the current model of growing with proven results that will guide the new company’s plan to expand operations to multiple facilities in trade zones in Chicago and northern Indiana. 

HMSV believes that the market for local, sustainably grown produce is still in the early growth stages and looks to capitalize on existing relationships in the market and years of technology-driven testing and innovation to cost-effectively meet the demands of the market. 


Harvest Moon Vertical Farming. The fundamentals of traditional farming haven’t changed much in the past 100 years. Yes, there have been advancements in engineered seeds and better tractors/tools/ techniques but the term “Plant & Pray” continues to be the variable factor that just can not be controlled and is truly left to chance. HMSV leaves nothing to chance by delivering high-quality fresh produce year-round with predictability.